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Mobility Scooter Hire

At mobility giant we offer you flexible hire plans for mobility scooters. We cover the whole of the UK with our long term mobility scooter hire packages. Click on the tabs below to find out exactly what's included on our hire package and click on 'More Info' next to the scooter categories below to see exactly what models we have available.

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What's included

Fully Comprehensive Insurance

Thefts and accidents on mobility scooters are extremely rare but should the unexpected happen its great to know that you're fully covered for every eventuality. Fully comprehensive insurance is provided for all of our customers as standard.

All Maintenance & Repairs Included

Renting your scooter from Mobility Giant takes away all the hassle and worries normally associated with owning a scooter as we take care of all maintenance and repairs for you. This includes tyres and batteries which would normally be quite costly.

24 Hour Breakdown Recovery

Breaking down on your scooter is extremely rare but we understand that if it were to happen it could leave you feeling stranded. We guarantee to get you and your scooter safely home within 45 minutes of a breakdown, giving you the confidence you need for those longer trips.

Delivery Within Days

Your scooter will arrive within a few days, delivered to your door by a helpful knowledgeable man who will show you how everything works.

  • Car Boot Mobility Scooter Hire

    Car Boot Mobility Scooter Hire
    From £13.95 Per Week Portable Scooters are ideal if you want something to pop easily into your car with no fuss, you can even take them on a plane or a coach. They may be small and compact but they're still comfortable and stable perfect say for taking to the garden centre village fete or shopping centre. Click on the tabs below to find out exactly what's included on our hire package.
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  • 4mph Mobility Scooter Hire

    4mph Mobility Scooter Hire
    From £13.95 Per Week 4mph Scooters are perfect if you're of average size and need to get out locally for shopping, taking the kids to school or visiting friends and family. There's plenty of choice so you'll have no problem finding one to suit your style.
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  • 8mph Mobility Scooter Hire

    8mph Mobility Scooter Hire
    From £16.95 Per Week 8mph Scooters are ideal if you're a little heavier or want to travel further as perhaps you live in a more rural location with amenities being a lot further away. You also get a nice smooth ride on these machines as the suspension is awesome.
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  • All Terrain Mobility Scooter Hire

    All Terrain Mobility Scooter Hire
    From £22.95 Per Week All Terrain Scooters are the ultimate, they not only look good, but they're capable of taking you pretty much where ever you want to go, both on road and off-road. You may want to take it to go fishing, walking the dog in the woods or simply getting a big shop in. What ever you're using it for you'll almost certainly be having a good time!
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