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Want to part exchange an old scooter?

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Why Part-exchange with Mobility Giant?

  • Get cash for your old unwanted scooter
  • We collect your old scooter at the same time we deliver your new one
  • Can be completed quickly and easily online

100% hassle free

Scooter details

The scooter is in nearly new condition, with;

  • No scuffs to the bodywork or wheels
  • Is mechanically perfect
  • And everything is working as it should, supplied with the original charger

The scooter looks good and drives well, but may have;

  • A few small scuffs and scratches to the body work and wheels
  • Some wear and tear on the tyres

Other than the above points the scooter is in sound overall condition

The scooter drives ok, but may have;

  • A few big scratches and scuffs to the body work and wheels
  • Wear and tear on the tyres and seat
  • One or two possible small electrical problems, such as lights, indicators and switches not working correctly etc
  • And perhaps some signs of small mechanical imperfections i.e noisy motor, not holding battery charge as it should etc

The scooter has clear signs of mechanical issues and might not drive at all. It may also have;

  • Cracks and big scratches to the body work and wheels
  • Multiple electrical issues such as lights and indicators not working, scooter not charging, scooter not turning on etc
  • Mechanical issues such as a faulty motor, dead batteries, steering issues etc

Your part-exchange quote

How to order

Please agree to the terms below and then simply click Buy with part exchange. If you do not want to buy with a part exchange then please click skip part exchange.

  • Shows the accurate year of manufacture
  • Is in the condition you have described it, as per our condition guidelines
  • Is the correct Make and Model
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